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Career orientation skills assessment for a more confident choice

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Measuring and improving workforce efficency

Physical device - measurement according to position - training system

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Complex measurement with training

Physical device, measurement according to position, training system

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Tangible increase in employee efficiency

Selection ➡ Training ➡ Keeping

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15.000 +

person measured


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Is the focus on white collar or blue collar workers?

The position, the avaliable devices and the work environment are all important factors, BUT

Key to efficency

is the development of abilities of the workforce

Key to retention

is to improve the motivation and attitude of the workforce

That's why Practiwork® measures and develops not only the cognitive abilities neccesary for the job, but the employees personality traits as well.

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Employees with suitable attitude and abilities who are worth keeping long term, train and employ.

Objective measurement and training with our devices lead to:

Managing fluctuation in case of newcomers
Employing new workers costs the most if the worker does not stay with the company. Practiwork® reduces the risks of selection by revealing which applicants are worth employing and training, as they are motivated and willing to be employed long term.
Improving the efficency of production
Based on the strong suits and weaknesses measured by Practiwork® the workers can be trained for long term efficency and fruitful cooperation without causing either physical or psychological damage.
Securing keeping current employees (too)
You can only find loyal employees once in a blue moon? That means you have to cherish those devoted ones even more! Long term employment starts at well tought out requritment, but it is important to measure the employees from time to time. Our measurement helps predict a forseeable burnout which provides an opportunity for higher-ups to act on time and keep valuable employees.
Reducing scrap rates
Measure new and existing employees compared to your top 20 employees! By choosing employees with similar abilities to the top 20 as well as improving on necessary skills, the scap rate of production can be decreased significantly.

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"For a good employee, nothing is too high of a price. A bad one is not needed even if it is free."

Translated quote form the book „New Economics” written by Sándor Kopátsy

"The workforce is not a device, but it is measureable and trainable with devices."

dr. Ákos Zsuffa
co-founder of PractiWork®, head of the Association of Adult Education, member of the Innovation of Vocational Training Council

"One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions."

Grace Murray Hopper

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

Robert S. Kaplan,
David P. Norton

Measurement with the PractiWork® devices are able to access information impalpable and not visible to the naked eye.
The necessary things for this are as follows:

Uniquely developed devices and testsOur devices are 100% unique, which allows the comprehensive measurement of cognitive abilities, personality traits and psychomotor abilities.
Objective, data-based measurement and evaluationThe sensors located on the physical devices are able to precisely record and evaluate data, regardless of the measurement environment.
User-friendly device construction and relevant testsOnly clear results can lead to effective aid! Apart from the easy to use device, the measurement tests are flexible to be modified according to job or production process.
Artificial intelligence based solutions in the evaluation processMeasurement = understanding! The data collected during measurement is processed by a standalone algorithm. The results are summed up in the form of an easy to understand, visually depicted result sheet for the employer and the employee.
AutomationDue to PractiWork® being a standalone device it gives opportunity to the simultaneous measurement of 15-20 employees with only 1 measurement leader present.

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PractiWork® supports decision making

As amanaging director or factory managerYou can get an insight into what trainings can lead to the increase in production indicators. Our goal is to complete more orders in the same time, while keeping the same quality standard.
As aHR managerour device helps to make human resource management more mindful. We provide full overview of applicants, highlighting those who are expected to perform exceptionally as well as stay loyal to the company.
As ashift managerwe can help You by pointing out the areas that may need improvement in order to ensure uninterrupted production and less production waste. It points out which employees are likely to perform better in fields requiring increased responsibility, based on their personal attitude, proactive outlook and trustworthiness.
Data-based measurement and feedback = The common ground between the managers of different production processes

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The PractiWork® system is already in use by both multinational companies, as well as governmental institutions.