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Ability measurement + Evaluation + Training = Work strength*

Improving production efficiency ➜ Based on the ability measurement of and result based training of the workforce.

*The company is able the effectively choose their employees and then keep them long term. This leads to more confidence in reaching production goals!


Complex, device based measurement

The measurement process is always done by completing a series of tests. The abilities and personality traits necessary for an efficient workflow are both things that are best to be measured with these tests. 

The physical devices of PractiWork® along with the progressive (increasingly difficult) tests target the measurement of current and possible abilities of the employee. In order to avoid situations where the pressure of taking a test might obscure the measurement results, most tasks have a sort trial stage before the actual test. After the evaluation of the tests we can recommend training courses in order to improve on the necessary areas.

The employer is sure to gain new knowledge based on our ability measurement:

Personal and group related evaluation

The data collected by PractiWork® during the measurement process is summed up and processed by technology based on artificial intelligence. The results are then handed over to the employer in the form of a result sheet.

With the help of the PractiWork® evaluation algorithm, the employer gets a full overview:

  • Of the individual as a worker, but in terms of efficiency and state of their abilities. We mark the areas where improvement may be needed going forward. The PractiWork® objective measurement process in fact generates a “curriculum vitae” that can’t lie in those measured fields!
  • Of the employee’s efficiency as part of a group, along with co-working capabilities. PractiWork® is able to compare and contrast the results of an individual to the already done measurements. With this there is the possibility to make groups (with the help of cluster analysis), and then these groups can be easily accessed to select employees with excelling (or lacking) abilities in different fields. In this case the training recommendation can be based on these grouped data as well.

While we work with people, we will need people for selecting them. PractiWork® supports decision making with its objective recommendations.

Show me the EXAMPLE evaluation sheet     Show me the EXAMPLE group evaluation sheet

Training based on deficiencies

Training or improvement is not exclusive to those doing intellectual work. It causes a significant advantage to the company if the employees are trained in order to, by using their improved abilities, be more effective in term of production. Regular training courses can further improve the long term employee loyalty.

Our trainings which aim to improve deficiencies that can be done in groups as well:

1. Integration and role training

Originally meant for new recruits, but can also help long term employees who may have difficulty resolving conflicts.

The course entails:

  • Workplace socialisation and conflict management
  • Following norms and rules
  • Regularities of communication
  • Workplace success – key competences

2. Group efficency

The aim is for the employees to be able to do more and more efficiently as part of a team. The skills required for successful partnership can be trained.

The course entails:

  • Working together and group cohesion
  • Workplace communication
  • Social motivation
  • Role learning and group efficiency
  • Group building techniques

3. Social and personal responsibility in an organisation

The aim is for employees to not only feel responsible for their own work, but be socially sensitive and empathetic for their peers and the whole group too.

The course entails:

  • Social personal responsibility
  • Workplace responsibilities
  • Working on social sensitivity and empathy
  • Working together, offering help
  • Personal responsibility in practice
  • Customer service (optional)

4. Improving complex problem solving abilities

The ability of logically summarizing and processing the available information before making an independent decision.

The course entails:

  • Working and making decisions independently
  • Improving logical thinking
  • Creative solutions

5. Motivation and the ability to be motivated

The aim is for the employee to believe in possible improvement on personal and group level and to understand the benefits of having a long term career.

The course entails:

  • The possibilities and forms of motivation
  • Time management and its techniques
  • Workplace learning and improvement motivation
  • Learning and improvement strategies

6.Fine motor skills and dexterity

Blue collar jobs require good hand-eye coordination and stable and efficient use of dexterity even under pressure or stress.

The course entails:

  • Precision and sophistication in the workplace
  • Fine motor skills – dexterity
  • Fine motor skills in the workplace

7. Focus improvement

The ability to concentrate for a prolonged time while filtering out distracting outside stimulus. Recommended for those who work in a monotone workflow.

The course entails:

  •  Basic information about focus
  • Improvement of monotony tolerance (With PractiWork® devices!)
  • Divided attention and visual problem identifying techniques (With PractiWork® devices!)
  • Focus in relation to workload (With PractiWork® devices!)

8. Health preservation and mental health

Establishing and maintaining a health focused lifestyle both on the workplace and at home in order to avoid workforce fluctuation.

The course entails:

  • Health prevention basics
  • Mental health
  • Health consciousness

9. Patience, self-control, stress management

To calmly manage situations that are unexpected, potentially hard on the whole workforce, as well as to avoid bad reactions and decisions caused by momentary panic. This is important on both a personal and group level.

The course entails:

  • Stress management
  • Working through hard tasks
  • Anger management
  • Self-control and focus
  • Patience in the workplace

In essence: The employees are measureable, abilities are improvable and the benefits are tangible.