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Frequently asked questions

About the PractiWork® system

What is PractiWork®?

PractiWork® (PW for short) is a modern, complex system that is able to measure personal abilities, skills and personality traits. PractiWork® is the combination of special hardware and software designed to collect data on an individual. The system is easy to navigate and use which allows for a standardised measurement without distortion. The system ensures objectivity and fairness of the measurement throughout the introduction of the tests, the recording of the data and the evaluation at the end.

Who can use it?

The primary objective of the system is to aid specialist working in the human resource management field. The system can provide help with the selection of new employees as well as training existing ones. Moreover the system can be used is social sphere.

How can I use it? Do I have to buy or rent it?

If You are interested in our competence measurement and evaluation as a business partner, there is the option of both renting and purchase of devices. For more information about these two options click here to contact us!

How much does PractiWork® cost?

As there are multiple options for the usage of the system You can ask for a quote by getting in contact with us. You can do so by calling or by writing us an e-mail. We are happy to help You with determining the most suitable model for Your needs.

About the method

What does the system measure?

It measures a wide range of individual abilities and skills:

  • cognitive abilities
  • psychomotor abilities
  • personality traits

For measuring each descriptor we can provide specialised tests and devices.

There is a specific ability I would like to measure. Can PractiWork® measure it?

The system is able to access around 50 different descriptors at the moment. This number increases constantly. Please contact us about Your special measurement needs. Our colleagues are ready to help with choosing the exact tests You need.

How long is a measurement session?

It depends on the measurement test sequence. Based on the requirements of the client it can generally take 1-3 hours.

Is the measurement safe?

The usage of the devices is completely safe. The system is completely compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations.

What happens after the measurement?

After the measurement the tests are scored and evaluated. The data collected during the measurement is summed up as a T score. The T score is a descriptor which has the average of 50 and a deviation of 10. If this score is higher that means the individual is stronger in the given field. If this number is at least 60 then the individual is really strong in the field. The advantage of this method that the results are easy to compare both with the individual’s other traits as well as with scores of others. These result are presented in the form of a result sheet.

I don’t understand the result sheet. Can I get help?

Of course! Our experts are ready to answer any questions in connection with the result sheet. If You have a question contact us!

What languages is the system available in?

We are constantly adapting the system to accommodate different languages. The supported languages right now are as follows:

  • Hungarian
  • English
  • Ukrainian

If You would like to use our system in a different language please contact us so that we can take care of the translation.

Who are the people behind PractiWork®?

You can get to know our team here.

You have another question? Write us!