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Get to know our devices!

How does the PractiWork® system do measurements?


Why don’t we (only) measure employees online?

We have 3 main reasons:

  1. Precision
  2. Uniformed measurement environment
  3. Complex measurement

Compared to this, online measurements are usually done on different devices or amongst distractions. Therefore the participants may not be able to give their undivided attention to the test.

If the job in question requires attendance it is recommended to do the measurement with the participants present in the same space as well.

Compared to popular online ability measurements and due to its devices PractiWork® is able to:

There are devices that will always be more effective than their online counterparts!

An example of this may be the Rubik’s Cube® along with PractiWork®!

What makes up the system of PractiWork® devices?

Only with uniformed environment and variables can we talk about “measurement” in the literal sense. As connectable devices of a computer (such as a mouse and a keyboard) can have different sensitivities we had to come up with a unique solution for uniformed data input. In order to access different abilities we developed devices specifically for measuring said abilities.

The PractiWork® system is designed to be easy to navigate. It is easy to train a chosen colleague how to handle the devices and lead a measurement. This allows for simultaneous measurement of a bigger group of applicants or employees.

Due to this objective approach all our tests have high validity without allowing any external interference during the measurement process.

Abilities = measurable worth

Our measurement is like the weather forecast in many ways. The meteorologist not only uses the weather map but also different measurements in order to draw conclusions for what is to come. In similar fashion, in order to ensure successful integration of a newcomer or efficient work, it is not enough to measure competencies alone. Each component of them should be accessed on their own in order to come to conclusions about the current or expected performance.

What are the measureable aspects of employee performance?


Abilities are born with us and are mostly consistent during our life. They are slow to change on their own but with enough work they can be improved upon. They are an essential part of one’s performance.

  • Cognitive
  • Psychomotor
  • Sensory


Skills are acquired through learning. They are easier to acquire by practice. This also affects performance.

  • Basic
  • Social
  • Systematic


Knowledge is knowing and being able to implement the facts and rules of the given job.

  • Basic mathematics
  • Linguistic rules and vocabulary
  • oreign languages
  • Digital knowledge

Personality traits

Personality traits are usually stable components of the self that determine how one feels, thinks or acts in a given situation.


Competences are composed of all the necessary components for a task, and are necessary for efficient task execution. It can’t be measured directly, but can be estimated by measuring the components of it. These are abilities, skills, knowledge and personality traits.

  • Performance related competences
  • Social competences

Show me the EXAMPLE evaluation sheet     Show me the EXAMPLE group evaluation sheet

During an aimed measurement the tests chosen are according to the requests of the customer. The employer can point out which abilities are necessary for efficient long-time production.

All in all what does PractiWork® promise?

The employee ➡ Measureable!

The ability ➡ Improvable!

The result ➡ Palpable!

Try it out yourself!