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The career that interests YOU!

Career orientation skills assessment for a more confident choice

Do you know what you'll be when you grow up?!

No wonder you don't. As fast as the labour market changes, no one can predict this. Positions and jobs are constantly evolving. Existing professions are being replaced, disappearing or completely new ones are being created. It is a mystery what will happen in 5 years' time, or even next year.

Does it still make sense to talk about career orientation?
Yes, of course, but: instead of looking at specific positions, the answer to the question should be found in your interests and your own skills!

Interests instead of positions

We are going against the norm!

What others do:
They suggest study or career paths to get the position you want (or think you want). Nowadays, of course, there is also the question of whether the position will still exist, and whether it will be worth studying and working for.

What we do:
We reverse the usual career guidance process. We measure what you are talented at and what areas you are interested in. Based on the results, we'll show you which areas of activity match both your skills and your personality.

Talent and self-awareness should be the basis of any career orientation.

How can you measure what suits you? ?

Using tests to measure your talents:

Measure interest using questionnaires:

During our career orientation assessment and counselling you will learn:

 So far, we have helped 1600 students set their academic and career goals!

 Are you interested in learning more about our academic and career suggestions?

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