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About us

We started developing PractiWork® in 2015, with the aim of making it an essential tool for anyone looking for, offering or helping others to find work. We believe in continuous improvement and innovation, driven by a team of professionals committed to improvement. Now, with more than 50 tests and 14,000 measurements of experience behind us, we help our partners to meet the challenges of the labour market, not only at home but also abroad.

Our team

Dr. Ákos Zsuffa

CEO, Co-founder

Róbert Sinka

Manager of Innovation, Co-founder

Péter Áron Horváth

Development manager

Dr. Gábor Papp

Work psychologist, methodological manager

I believe that the future of HR processes such as training, learning and improvement of the workforce is not depersonalisation. Digitalization, automation and the advancement of artificial intelligence are all tools for a common goal. This goal is a more personalised feedback and training opportunities.

With the innovation of PractiWork®, which is among the top100 Hungarian inventions, we are supporting this goal.

The competence and personality based measurements are our services supporting both the processes of our corporate partners as well as the selection of new, potential workforce and predicting their efficiency.

I was first faced with the demand for objective measurement based recruitment of the workforce when I became a co-founder. As we realised how valuable is recruitment without personal opinions and in line with the applicant’s abilities, we began to enthusiastically work on a measurement device that can provide just that.

The PractiWork® device and it’s accessories are the product of multiple years of development and constant testing. Of course as the labor market is changing we have to adapt to these changes as well by always lending help to all our partners who know and understand how important it is to keep employees who are effective in the long run.

I have been working with servers, developing web, desktop and mobile applications for over 20 years. Along with database, process, system design and management, taking my part in the implementation is also important for me.

During the development of PractiWork® it was great help for me that I had more than 10 years of experience with designing and developing portable teaching solutions, as well as all my colleagues who were part of my team during this time.

When I am not working on something with them, I am mentoring university students. Aside from work I like to immerse myself into complex board games with my partner and my friends.

After I got my qualification as a psychologist I also completed my doctorate degree in the University if Debrecen in 2015. I worked at the university teaching social psychology, research methodology and statistics to Bsc students, as well as work and organisation psychology, and interpersonal and intercultural psychology for Msc students.

Even as a university student I was introduced to ability measurement devices. My researches had a strong focus on designing and conducting psychological researches, developing and validating psychological tests, adapting tests and specifying the methodology of test evaluations.

In connection with adapting tests, I participated in multiple scientific research as a co-author. My achievements could be used while developing the complex measurements of PractiWork®.

Measure, train and keep Your employees with us!

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