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Selecting, keeping and training based on objective measurement.

Innovative software, hardware and methodology for assessing and training blue collar workers, which was selected into Hungary’s top100 inventions.

Trust this on PractiWork!

PractiWork® is a modern, complex system, which is capable of measuring transversal abilities, skills and personality traits that are fundamental in almost every job. PractiWork is a combination of special hardware and software designed for the measurement of individual ability and skill measurement and data collesction. It’s evaluation method includes modern data analytic processes, such as pattern recognition methods and machine learning. PractiWork uses a holistic approach in the characterization of an individual, and – based on their abilities and skills – recommends trainings that are most necessary.


  • Ablity, skill and personality trait measurement for various jobs
  • Detailed and immediate profiles, which show a person’s strengths and areas that need developement
  • Customizable test batteries for different jobs
  • Objective measurment process
  • High validity and reliability
  • Selection and evaluation uses various AI based solutions
  • Simultaneous measurement of 20 people in one location
  • One location requires only 2 trained supervisor
  • Automatized, easily supervisable measurement process with different length