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Result profiles

 Based on our experience and the expectations of different organizations, we know what competencies may be needed to function properly in order for someone to perform well. In this way, we can determine the reference values ​​that are causally related to the subsequent peak performance, and from this we can deduce the long-term success. The ablities, skills and personality traits of existing employees can serve as an ideal benchmark for the competencies of those in the selection process. Based on the values ​​of a consistently well-performing workforce, it is possible to determine exactly the benchmarks that can be predict peak performance. Therefore, in the first round, it is worthwhile to perform a complex competency measurement on a group of 20-100 internal employees, and their obtained profiles can be used to make more secure selection decisions during recruitment.

The results for the examined values ​​are submitted for analysis in the form of a summary document. This includes:

  • Individual evaluation form supplemented with detailed textual analysis with evaluation of survey data (for all participants in the measurement)
  • Complex network analysis and diagnostics in visual form
  • Recommendations for organizational development and re-structuring
  • Determining individual and group development (training) needs using individual assessments and cluster analysis
  • Development of individual and group development (training) strategy

In the light of the obtained results, the following processes becomes grounded:

  • Review of the applied workforce selection procedure
  • Organizing the internal labor flow and redeployment
  • Removing the barriers of organizational development: organizational development
  • Review of the internal workforce evaluation system
  • Compilation of the medium- and long-term internal human resource development (training) plan for the implementation of the human resource development (training) plan